You creep through the cornfield, your heart racing, trying not to make a sound. Your eyes strain in the darkness, but there’s nothing to see. Wait – there! You giggle nervously – it’s just a scarecrow, stiffly holding its midnight vigil. You breathe a sigh of relief as you walk past. A crunch behind you makes you turn and stop dead. The scarecrow is gone. Your eyes dart from side to side and you listen feverishly for a sound, something, anything. The growl of a chainsaw rises from the night, sending chills crawling up your spine.

“Amazing props and costumes. The actors, the staff, the entire experience from start to finish was incredible!!!!!”

Yasmin S

“This was honestly the best haunted attraction I have been to in years!”

Jeanine M

“Coolest experience I have had in a haunted house.”

Mohamed M

“The characters are a nightmare that’s come to life – one that may keep me wide awake for a while!”

Suzanne B

“Bring a friend! You’ll want someone to hold your hand, or to hide behind!”

Brooke S