A faint coppery smell hits your nose as you move further into the… barn? You aren’t sure anymore. The wet thud of a cleaver hitting wood echoes against the walls. You can’t see anything in here but you don’t want to reach into the darkness for fear of what you might find. You turn another corner and choke back a scream. If you could just get out of here and back to the car before the inbreds know you’re here…

“Amazing props and costumes. The actors, the staff, the entire experience from start to finish was incredible!!!!!”

Yasmin S

“This was honestly the best haunted attraction I have been to in years!”

Jeanine M

“Coolest experience I have had in a haunted house.”

Mohamed M

“The characters are a nightmare that’s come to life – one that may keep me wide awake for a while!”

Suzanne B

“Bring a friend! You’ll want someone to hold your hand, or to hide behind!”

Brooke S