Heebie-Jeebies COVID-19 Policies

EFFECTIVE OCT 19TH – All groups of visitors are restricted to 5 individuals or less.  No groups of more than 5 persons will be permitted to remain together on the premises.

  1. Physical distancing is mandatory. We have over 70,000 square feet for everyone to safely social distance. All lines will allow for 2m/6ft distance between each guest/group.  Markers will be placed in all lines for mazes, food trucks, merchandise, and at the ticket booth.
  2. All visitors must wear a mask. FREE souvenir HEEBIE JEEBIES masks will be provided to all visitors – these are high quality, washable, reusable masks that can be worn more than once. Masks may only be removed while eating or drinking. Eating and drinking must be done either standing or sitting in a stationary position – visitors will not be permitted to roam around with food or drink and no mask. Food or drink will not be permitted in Q-lines or mazes.
  3. This year’s event will be time-ticketed to limit the number of visitors to our venue at any given time. All tickets must be purchased online. Several one-hour time slots will be available each night. Simply choose the one-hour time frame you wish to arrive in, purchase your tickets, arrive at HEEBIE JEEBIES at any point in the one-hour slot you chose, and stay as long as you wish. If you’d like to change your ticket time, you may do so up to the day of your event by logging in to your account and changing your date/time. ALL TICKET PURCHASES ARE FINAL SALE AND ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.
  4. Frequently-touched surfaces and shared equipment will be cleaned often.
  5. Plexiglas shields will be in place at all points of sale or other staff/client interaction locations.
  6. Every individual will be required to fill out a brief COVID questionnaire for the purpose of contact tracing.  All information will be kept strictly confidential and will be destroyed one month after the information is provided.
  7. Hand sanitizer will be available at all food trucks and kiosks.
  8. Wristbands will feature tear off tabs for the mazes to eliminate contact between guests and staff.
  9. Professional security will be on site to ensure masks are worn and to enforce physical distancing.
  10. All staff interacting with the public at kiosks will be required to wear rubber gloves.
  11. All actors will be wearing face masks under their character masks.
  12. Service windows at our ticket booth, hot chocolate booth, and merchandise booth have all been increased in order to reduce lines. A third food truck has also been added.
  13. Attendees will not be grouped with strangers.
  14. All visitors enter the mazes at least 40′ feet apart.

From the Government of Manitoba

Outdoor mazes or Halloween related attractions can open. These businesses must implement measures to ensure members of the public can reasonably maintain at least a two metre separation. These businesses should also implement the following guidelines:  

  • Staff are given information about physical distancing and floor markings are installed where service is offered or lines form.
  • Clean frequently-touched surfaces and shared equipment often.
  • Consider the use of barriers, such as Plexiglas shields, at point of sale or other staff/client interaction locations.
  • Online ticket sales should be used where possible. 
  • Provide appropriate cleaning supplies, and ensure staff are trained on the cleaning procedures to be done and how to use the supplies safely.

Please let us know if you have any more questions or if anything needs to be clarified.

Government of Manitoba