Dates, Times, Location

53071 La Salle Road
1 KM South of McGillivray Blvd.

(inside the perimeter)

Come into our haunted corridors where you’ll walk though the most-frightening 2 acres you’ve ever encountered. Or linger outside with your fellow scaredy-pants, where there’ll be food trucks, and photo ops.

The haunt consists of five mazes as well as over 125 costumed actors. They vary in length from 8-12 minutes each, while taking years off your life. Come early if you expect to take it all in!

Sorry, no costumes allowed.

Expect fog, strobe lights and special effects and more than 125 costumed actors. Our cast will never make physical contact with Heebie Jeebies guests. See these creatures and more, in flesh and bone and all their grisly, gory glory!


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