HEEBIE JEEBIES is located in Southwest Winnipeg, one kilometre south of McGillvary on LaSalle Road (turn south at The Rink on McGillvary). If you’re coming from the south perimeter, we are two kilometres north of LaSalle Road. Signs will be posted at both ends of LaSalle road on event nights to direct you toward HEEBIE JEEBIES.
To be clear, we are not located in the town of LaSalle; we are inside the perimeter.

How long is each maze?

Each maze is 500 feet long, over 3,800 square feet and takes about 8-12 minutes to survive.

Are the lines super long?

This depends on the day and time of your visit. On our busiest nights, you can expect to wait around 30 minutes to get into each maze. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of scares to be had while you wait. 

HEEBIE JEEBIES is the newest, largest and only haunted attraction of its kind in Manitoba, so we are expecting more than double the screams and double the ‘victims’ in 2019.

Unlimited re-entry? Seriously?!

YES! Unlike other Halloween attractions in Manitoba that only allow you to enter each maze once, at HEEBIE JEEBIES you can go through all four mazes as many times as you want (on select nights).

What are the best days to visit HEEBIE JEEBIES?

If you’re not a fan of large crowds we recommend visiting on a Thursday or Sunday. Saturdays and Halloween are always our busiest nights where you can expect longer wait times but also an awesome firework display from Archangel Fireworks (it’s all about balance). 

*Pro tip: Crowds are at the lowest for the first and last hour on any night.

Is it seriously that scary?

HEEBIE JEEBIES is the scariest place to be in October! It is terrifying from the moment you park your car until the time you leave. You will scream a lot, laugh a lot and maybe even cry a little.

What kind of effects do you have?

HEEBIE JEEBIES ambushes your senses in every way possible without anyone physically touching you. We have lasers, fog, air blasts, shock effects, strobe lights, noisemakers, sound effects, terrifying music, startling effects and fireworks.

How many staff work at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

In 2019 HEEBIE JEEBIES will employ over 100 actors and 50 support staff and security.  Each maze has 20-25 actors and our scare zone has 10-12 actors roaming around for photo ops.

Is there security on site?

We have over 30 staff on duty each night for the sole purpose of security, as well as dozens of security cameras throughout the property. Security personnel are stationed throughout each maze, in the parking lot, throughout the scare zone and at the entrance/exit. Cameras are located in every area of the property including the driveway entrance/exit, inside all mazes and in the scare zone.

Is there an age limit?

While we don’t have an age restriction but HEEBIE JEEBIES is not recommended for children under 13 years of age. That being said, you know your child best and we leave it up to you. 

*HEEBIE JEEBIES will not pay for therapy for anyone of any age due to any psychological effects from attending our awesome event.

Is HEEBIE JEEBIES an indoor or outdoor event?

Both. Our scare zone is completely outdoors, our line-ups are partially outdoors and partially indoors. Two of our mazes are almost completely indoors and two are almost completely outdoors.

Is HEEBIE JEEBIES wheelchair accessible?

Our scare zone is wheelchair accessible but unfortunately, our mazes are not. We do offer a discounted “Scaredy Cat” ticket option that allows guests access to everything except the mazes. We have had visitors leave their walkers with our staff at the entrance while they go through with friends and our staff will meet them at the exit.

What is the “Scaredy Cat” ticket and what does it give me access to?

The “Scaredy Cat” ticket is a discounted ticket for the physically disabled or for guests that want to experience what HEEBIE JEEBIES has to offer without going into the mazes. This includes access to photo ops, free hot chocolate, fireworks, food trucks, bonfires and carnival games.

Do we have to pay for parking at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Parking is free, though we do accept charitable donations of any amount. All proceeds raised from parking will go directly to the Children’s Wish Foundation and Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

Which maze is the scariest?

Most people say that “Meet the Inbreds” is the most terrifying, although people with Coulrophobia (fear of clowns) will obviously say that “Circus Freakus” is the scariest.

Can we be thrown out for any reason?

YES. For your safety and the safety of all of our ‘victims’, we have a zero tolerance policy on alcohol, weapons of any kind, foul language, pushing, shoving, vulgar behaviour, smoking, drugs, etc. A complete list of our rules is posted in multiple locations throughout the park.  Violation of these rules will result in expulsion from the park without refund.

Can we be injured at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Not if you follow the rules. We have never had a serious injury at HEEBIE JEEBIES. The biggest cause of minor injuries at every haunted attraction is running. Read the rules, follow the rules and you will have a terrifyingly good time. Warning signs are posted throughout the haunt.  

You should NOT attend HEEBIE JEEBIES if, 

  • You are prone to seizures
  • You have a respiratory condition (especially asthma or a heart condition)
  • You have a broken bone
  • You are pregnant
What can’t I bring inside HEEBIE JEEBIES?
  • No costumes  
  • No pets
  • No weapons 
  • No alcohol or drugs 
  • No cigarettes or vaping paraphernalia  
  • We also highly recommend that you leave all purses, bags, and other valuables in your vehicle or at home  
  • Do not wear loose jewelry
Are there any souvenirs or t-shirts for sale?

Yes. Each year we produce a brand new HEEBIE JEEBIES American Apparel graphic t-shirt. You can purchase merch from the current and previous years in a variety of sizes at the stand next to the ticket booth. 

How long does it take to build HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Our work never really ends, we’re always on the lookout for new props and ideas and we attend several conventions and trade shows throughout the year. In early November we assess what worked well, what didn’t and what we can add or improve for the next HEEBIE JEEBIES. Over the winter months, we casually build props, repair costumes and finalize new plans. In the spring we order new props and begin building and renovating the mazes. Over the summer, costumes are ordered and assembled. As props and materials arrive, construction kicks into high gear.  By early September the attraction is pretty much ready to go as are all the costumes.

Where can I buy tickets?

Tickets are available online or at the door. We recommend purchasing your tickets online, in advance, to guarantee entry. 

Does HEEBIE JEEBIES close when it reaches capacity?

Yes. That being said, HEEBIE JEEEBIES has a very high capacity. We are capable of hosting more ‘victims’ per hour than other, smaller Manitoba attractions. If HEEBIE JEEBIES reaches capacity, only those with pre-purchased tickets will be admitted. ‘Victims’ purchasing tickets at the door will have to wait in line and will be admitted as people exit the haunt.