What are our COVID policies?

The safety of everyone at HEEBIE JEEBIES is our top priority. We have been inspected multiple times and remain in frequent contact with Manitoba Public Health and our Regional Health Inspector to ensure the safety of all our patrons and staff.  To date no fines, no warnings, and no tickets have ever been issued at HEEBIE JEEBIES and not one case of COVID has ever been traced to our event.  There is no reason whatsoever for any cohort attending HEEBIE JEEBIES to come within 2 meters of any other cohort.  It is your responsibility to physical distance from other persons.  All patrons must follow all rules and COVID policies or risk being ejected from the venue without refund.



  1. All visitors must be fully vaccinated. QR code and government issued ID will be required. Patrons 12 and under must be accompanied by a fully vaccinated adult.
  2. A negative COVID test result within the past 24 hours will also be accepted.
  3. Masks must be worn in all mazes and indoor portions of queue lines and are highly recommended in all outdoor areas.
  4. Physical distancing is mandatory. All queue lines will have signage and marked areas providing in excess of 2m/6ft. HEEBIE JEEBIES covers more than 70,000 square feet. There is plenty of outdoor space to social distance. All tables and bonfires will be spaced out to allow for ample room. We ask that patrons do their part to ensure physical distancing is maintained.
  5. Timed ticketing will be in place to control hourly attendance and minimize payment transactions. Attendance is limited per Manitoba Health and current Manitoba Health Orders.
  6. Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned often.
  7. Plexiglas shields are in place at all customer interactions.
  8. Hand sanitizer is located at all kiosks
  9. All staff interacting with the public will be required to wear rubber gloves.
  10. Cohorts will not be grouped with strangers to go through mazes and all cohorts are spaced at least 40 feet apart when entering all mazes.
How does timed-ticketing work?

Simply go to our ticket tab on our website and select the night you wish to attend.  A new menu will appear with any available times left to choose from.  If you do not see a time available, it is sold out.  Simply select a 30 minute window when you expect to show up at HEEBIE JEEBIES.  Select your time slot and simply arrive at HEEBIE JEEBIES during that time slot and stay as long as you wish.

What if I’m late or can’t make it on time?

We strongly advise you to arrive early.  You may wait in your car or in line until your ticket time comes up.  Your ticket can be changed to any other date/time that HEEBIE JEEBIES still has tickets available.  Simply log onto your account to change your tickets any time up to 12:00pm NOON on the day of your ticket.  THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. 


HEEBIE JEEBIES is located in Southwest Winnipeg, one kilometre south of McGillivary on LaSalle Road (turn south at The Rink Training Centre on McGillivary). If you’re coming from the south Perimeter, we are two kilometres north on LaSalle Road. Signs are posted at both ends of LaSalle Road on event nights to direct you toward HEEBIE JEEBIES.

To be clear, we are NOT located in the town of LaSalle; we are inside the Perimeter.

What’s at HEEBIE JEEBIES and how long should I expect the entire experience to take?

HEEBIE JEEBIES features 4 mazes, 3 food trucks, several photo ops, Zombie Carnival Games, bonfires, free hot chocolate, and fireworks on select nights.  The entire venue covers over 70,000 square feet and features over 100 terrifying characters.  The time required can vary considerably based on how early or late in the evening or how late in the season you arrive.  We can only recommend that you arrive early.  The later you arrive, the less likely you will get everything in.  We make no guarantees that you will see everything.  We also strongly recommend getting through all of the mazes BEFORE taking in the free hot chocolate, food trucks, and photo ops.

How much are tickets to HEEBIE JEEBIES?

SCAREDY PASS: $15 per person – grants entry to everything EXCEPT the mazes.


Thursdays/Sundays $40/person

Fridays/Saturdays $45/person

Click HERE for more information.

How long is each maze?

Our mazes are 500-600 feet long and 3,800-4500 square feet in size. Each takes about 7-8 minutes to survive. The Junkyard was completely rebuilt in 2020 and now covers over 6,000 square feet and takes about 8-12 minutes to survive.

Are the lines super long?

This depends on the day and time of your visit. On our busiest nights, you can expect to wait 30-45 minutes to get into each maze. We have now added indoor portions to our queue lines. Wait time is also dependent on the popularity of each maze. Some mazes, especially on our unlimited re-entry nights, are busier than others. As haunted attractions go, we manage our lines pretty well. Most haunts similar to ours will have waits of 1 to 2 hours. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of scares to be had while you wait and even entertainment for you in most of our lines.  Thursdays and Sundays have our shortest wait times.

Unlimited re-entry to the mazes? Seriously?!

YES! Unlike other Halloween attractions in Manitoba that only allow you to enter each maze once, at HEEBIE JEEBIES you can go through all four mazes as many times as you want on select nights.  Check our calendar for details.

What are the best days to visit HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Thursdays and Sundays have our lowest crowds and the shortest wait times. The last two weekends (Friday and Saturday) are always our busiest nights where you can expect longer wait times. 

*Pro tip: Crowds are at the lowest for the first hour of each night.

Have people actually pee’d their pants at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

110% yes – plenty of adults pee their pants while visiting our haunted experience almost every night.  We have had several confirmed cases of people literally crapping their pants.  We have found soiled Depends diapers in our porta-potties.  We have also had people pass out, vomit, and plenty of weak souls who burst into tears and run away crying.  Our attraction is not for the faint of heart, but we’ve also had plenty of 13-year-olds have a blast.

Is it seriously that scary?

HEEBIE JEEBIES is the scariest, and coolest place to be in October! It is terrifying from the moment you park your car until the time you leave.  Just read some of our reviews.  You will scream a lot, laugh a lot, and maybe pee and cry a little.  We see lots of smiling faces in between the screams.

If I can’t finish HEEBIE JEEBIES can I get a refund?

No. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS. Enter at your own risk. If you are coming to HEEBIE JEEBIES, you are coming to be scared. If we have done our job so well than you can’t finish, then we’ve done what you paid us to do.

What kind of effects do you have?

HEEBIE JEEBIES ambushes your senses in every way possible without anyone physically touching you. We have lasers, fog, air blasts, shock effects, strobe lights, noisemakers, sound effects, terrifying music, animatronics, and startling effects.  If you suffer from Coulrophobia, Arachnophobia, Kinemortophobia, Urophobia, or any other phobias, you may or may not enjoy HEEBIE JEEBIES.  Odds are pretty good that if you don’t have a phobia when you arrive, that you’ll likely have one when you leave.

How many staff work at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

HEEBIE JEEBIES will employ over 120 actors and more than 50 support staff and security.  Each maze has 20 actors and our scare zone has 10-12 actors roaming around for photo ops.

Is there security on site?

We take security very seriously.  We have several professional, highly visible security officers, plus over 30 of our own staff on duty each night for the sole purpose of security, as well as dozens of security cameras throughout the property. Security personnel are stationed throughout each maze, in the parking lot, throughout the scare zone and at the entrance/exit, and we even have security vehicles patrolling the road in both directions.  Cameras are located in every area of the property including the driveway entrance/exit, inside all mazes and in the scare zone.

Is there an age limit?

While we don’t have an age restriction, HEEBIE JEEBIES is not recommended for children under 13 years of age. That being said, you know your child best and we leave it up to you. 

*HEEBIE JEEBIES will not pay for therapy for anyone of any age due to any psychological effects from attending our awesome event.

Is HEEBIE JEEBIES an indoor or outdoor event?

Everything is completely outdoors except our mazes which are partially outdoors and partially indoors.  In all indoor areas, all groups are separated by impermeable walls and barriers, and all groups are spaced at least 40 feet apart upon entering each maze.

Is there food and washrooms at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Yes. There are three food trucks for your enjoyment. We have many port-a-potties on site and highly recommend a stop there before entering our mazes.  We really prefer you pee in the potties and not in the mazes.

Is HEEBIE JEEBIES wheelchair accessible?

Everything at HEEBIE JEEBIES is wheelchair accessible except our mazes. We do offer a discounted “Scaredy Cat” ticket option that allows guests access to everything except the mazes. We have had visitors leave their walkers with our staff at the entrance while they go through with friends and our staff will meet them at the exit. We have had several visitors in wheelchairs who have had a great time attending with friends.

Can I take pictures, bring a flashlight or record video at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

You can take all the pictures and video you like in the Scare Zone, in fact, we encourage you to take pictures and post it on social media. Flash photography, flashlights and video recording are prohibited inside the mazes.  Anyone caught taking pictures or video inside the mazes will be ejected without refund.

Can we be thrown out for any reason?

YES. For your safety and the safety of all of our ‘victims’, we have a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol, weapons of any kind, physical assault, foul language, pushing, shoving, vulgar behaviour, smoking, drugs, etc. A complete list of our rules is posted in multiple locations throughout the venue.  Violation of these rules will result in expulsion from the venue without refund.

Can we be injured at HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Not if you follow the rules. We have never had a serious injury at HEEBIE JEEBIES. The biggest cause of minor injuries at every haunted attraction is running. Read the rules, follow the rules, and you will have a terrifyingly good time. Warning signs are posted throughout the haunt.  

You should NOT attend HEEBIE JEEBIES if, 

  • You are prone to seizures
  • You have a respiratory condition (especially asthma or a heart condition)
  • You have a broken bone
  • You are pregnant
What can’t I bring inside HEEBIE JEEBIES?
  • No costumes  
  • No pets
  • No weapons 
  • No alcohol or drugs 
  • No cigarettes or vaping paraphernalia  
  • No purses or bags. We recommend leaving purses, bags, and other valuables in your vehicle or at home  
  • Do not wear loose jewelry
How long does it take to build HEEBIE JEEBIES?

Our work never really ends, we’re always on the lookout for new props and ideas and we attend several conventions and trade shows throughout the year.  We constantly assess what’s working well, what didn’t and what we can add or improve for the next HEEBIE JEEBIES. Over the winter and spring months, we casually build props, repair costumes and finalize new plans. In the spring we order new props and begin building and renovating the mazes. Over the spring and summer, costumes are ordered and assembled. As props and materials arrive, construction kicks into high gear.  By late September the attraction is pretty much ready to go.


Slow down and let them remain ahead of you.  We have several security guards in each maze to monitor the progression of victims through the mazes, and speed them up when necessary.  More often than not, it is the group catching up that is going too fast and should slow down.  

Do you offer group rates?

Due to COVID, we will not be offering any group rates for 2021 although we hope to see Group Rates return for 2022.

Are tickets transferable?

Yes. You may give the tickets away providing the potential victim has the tickets on hand to present.