Are the lines super long?

This depends on the day and time of your visit. On our busiest nights, you can expect to wait 30-45 minutes to get into each maze. We have now added indoor portions to our queue lines. Wait time is also dependent on the popularity of each maze. Some mazes, especially on our unlimited re-entry nights, are busier than others. As haunted attractions go, we manage our lines extremely well. Most haunts similar to ours will have waits of 1 hour or more. Don’t worry though, there are plenty of scares to be had while you wait and even entertainment for you in most of our lines.

PRO TIP #1 – The earliest event dates have the shortest lines.

PRO TIP #2 – If you arrive early you can usually get in to one or two mazes with very little waiting in line.

PRO TIP #3 – Lines diminish rapidly near closing time. You can often do 2 mazes in just 30 minutes at the end of the evening.