How long has HEEBIE JEEBIES been around?

2023 will be just our 6th year scaring Manitobans. Incredibly, HEEBIE JEEBIES has already had visitors from every continent except Antarctica! With attendance of over 30,000 souls, HEEBIE JEEBIES now ranks in the top 3% of haunted attractions in North America! Fascinating fact! – The largest privately owned haunted attractions in the world are Field of Screams in Pennsylvania (urban population: 6,300,000) and Netherworld in Atalanta, Georgia (urban population: 6,000,000). Both have attendance of over 75,000 however, when you consider that we have attendance of over 30,000 in the Winnipeg capital region with a population of just 778,000, this means that by local population comparison, a far greater percentage of people attend HEEBIE JEEBIES making HEEBIE JEEBIES one of the most popular haunted attractions in the world!! Way to go Manitoba!!