How does timed-ticketing work?

Simply go to our ticket tab on our website and select the night you wish to attend. A new menu will appear with any available times left to choose from. If you do not see a time available, it is sold out. Simply select the 30-minute window in which you expect to arrive. Arrive at HEEBIE JEEBIES during that time slot and stay as long as you wish. Please note that you are NOT buying a spot in line for the mazes and you are not buying your own exclusive time to have the entire park to yourself. Our event will likely be close to full capacity when you arrive. Timed ticketing simply allows us to keep our event at full capacity without being over run.

How long does Heebie-Jeebies take? WillI I get to see it all?

HEEBIE JEEBIES features 4 mazes, 3 food trucks, several photo ops, Zombie Carnival Games, bonfires, free hot chocolate, and fireworks on select nights. The entire venue covers over 70,000 square feet and features over 100 terrifying characters. The time required can vary considerably based on how early or late in the evening or how late in the season you arrive. We can only recommend that you arrive early. The later you arrive, the less likely you will get everything in. We make no guarantees that you will see everything. We also strongly recommend getting through all of the mazes BEFORE taking in the free hot chocolate, food trucks, and photo ops.