the hollows

Welcome to The Hollows. Oh, it looks innocent enough. A corn maze, sure to be inhabited by friendly prairie farm folk, right? During the day, sure, but at night, you can forget it. That’s not just the autumnal chill you’re feeling in the spine. Surely someone can lend a hand – even if it’s clammy – and guide you through this? What is that eerie sound coming from the monks? Are they chanting – your name? Where do you turn? Ask the Lantern Pointer, surely he won’t lead you astray? We won’t say people have lost their heads out here, but just watch you don’t trip over that deep Skull Pile, OK?  Uh-oh.  Burlap Face. Feasting walkers! Dead ahead!!  Forget what we said about forgetting it. In fact, don’t think, it’s best if you just keep moving!

Well done!! Last week I was at Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, Orlando and this week Heebie Jeebies. I am a huge fan of HHN and go annually but I have to say Heebie Jeebies blew them out of the water. I only got to do 3 of the 4 houses last night and those 3 by far beat Universals 10 houses I seen. Great job!! You guys killed it!!

Tracy S

“Hands down, a very well made Haunted House/Maze. Gave me the ultimate jibbers! Love the costumes, props & special effects. Amazing attention to details. Good job folks! Happy to see this kind of experience actually exist in Winnipeg.”

Denny M

“It is an awesome experience it is a definite go and check it out it’s one of the best haunts i have ever been to.”

William B

“I had taken my kids (who love scary stuff as much as I do) and it was absolutely amazing! Well organized, so much fun. I absolutely recommend this place, my first year here and I’ll be making it an annual Halloween tradition!! Thanks for the scares and fun!”

Ruby T

“One of the scariest and most fun scary attractions out of all of the places that I’ve gone in the past years for halloween, this one is super freaky and fun and I just love the whole atmosphere and how nice and friendly that the staff are. Super cool place, I highly recommend!”

Mercedes V

“We’ve gone 2 different nights, amazing experience both nights! The actors are spectacular, and extremely friendly. Can’t wait to go again next year.”

Krista J

“Amazing props and costumes. The actors, the staff, the entire experience from start to finish was incredible!!!!!”

Yasmin S

“This was honestly the best haunted attraction I have been to in years!”

Jeanine M

“Coolest experience I have had in a haunted house.”

Mohamed M

“Bring a friend! You’ll want someone to hold your hand, or to hide behind!”

Brooke S